Audio-Visual Technologies

When you choose the MHA Conference Center, you never have to worry about the A/V costs adding thousands of dollars to your meeting. We are unique in that our pricing includes an A/V package for all room rentals. As an additional bonus, our entire facility has free wifi for you and your guests to use during your meeting.

Audio-Visual by Room:

First floor Conference Center includes:
-Executive podium with confidence monitor, PC, and gooseneck microphone
-4 Goose-neck microphones at head table
-2 Hand-help wireless microphones
-Lavaliere microphone
-3 wide-angle screens with LCD projection (screens can be up or down depending on your needs)
-Webinar/conference call technology

Cafe includes:
-Podium with gooseneck microphone
-Lavaliere microphone
-2 handheld microphones
-Webinar/conference call technology

Second Floor Conference Rooms
Rental of any of these rooms (Library, Kinzer Board Rooms, Reception Conference Room) includes:
-LCD projector, laptop and screen
-White board,
-Polycom speaker phone

Note: These rooms typically do not require microphones as the acoustics are excellent. Accommodations can be made, however, should one be required.