Explain your pricing.

For our first floor conference facility, we package your meeting cost into one convenient per-person price that includes your food, A/V, and coffee/tea/water breaks. There is a minimum 50 person guarantee for the first floor conference center.

For our other rooms (Kinzer A& B, Library, Reception, Extension, and Café) there is a room rental price which also includes coffee/tea/spring water and A/V. In these rooms, food is an additional cost. You are able to select your menu from our gourmet caterer’s selections. Menus will be provided to you by our meeting planner.

What items are included in “standard A/V”?

Standard A/V includes use of any microphones, screens, LCD projectors, flip charts and white boards. If we do not have equipment that you need, we can arrange for rental at an additional charge.

Do you have any add-on fees or service charges?

For unique meetings we may need to add extra charges. For example, if you would like certain foods that are not on our standard menu, we have additional options you may select for an additional fee. Beverages beyond our free coffee/tea/spring water (e.g. sodas, juices, etc.) would also incur additional charges.

If your meeting exceeds standard business hours, or includes alcohol service, additional fees will apply. If advanced audio visual technology, such as videotaping or podcasting, is required additional charges would apply.

We will always provide you with a full quote in advance of your meeting so you are aware of all charges and fees.